Shafer Commodities is pleased to market Canola Protein Concentrate produced by CanPro Ingredients.

•Concentrate of canola protein specifically processed for use as a high-valued protein ingredient in diets for production animals.
•Canola protein is extracted and fully denatured to render the protein insoluble.
•Soluble antinutritional factors (glucosinolates, phenolics etc) are washed from the protein.
•Protein is 100% dephytinized with conversion of phytate phosphorus to available phosphorus.
•Excellent balance of essiential amino acids that is characteristic of canola protein is retained in the concentrate.
•Extensive animal trials in Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, shrimp and starter swine support the nutritional value of the product as a source of digestible amino acids, minerals and energy.
•HACCP program with full on-site laboratory monitoring of product quality.
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Canola Protein Concentrate